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Pipeline Threats

Seam Weld Threats

A robust and accurate assessment of the long seam.

There are 360 degrees of potential trouble spots in your pipeline, but the seam, representing less than 5% of the pipeline surface, is often the most challenging. From pipelines with various manufacturing methods and repairs along the seam, to welding processes that are traditionally impossible to assess, ENTEGRA® UHR ILI tools see it all, and our data analysts help you make sense of the big picture on your long seam.

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Long Seam Assessment Overview Long Seam Assessment Overview
Assessment For Any Type of Seam

ENTEGRA UHR ILI utilizes a unique combination of MFL and caliper sensors, which allows us to capture truly comprehensive data inside the pipeline, including unprecedented detail of corrosion type metal loss and manufacturing anomalies for all seam types, even ERW, whether preferential (or selective) or coincidental (or adjacent).

Seam welds are difficult for other axial MFL tools to reliably detect because of the seam’s parallel alignment to the direction of the magnetic flux. ENTEGRA ILI tools solve this problem with truly ultra-high resolution imaging of the long seam.

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Image 1/7: ERW Pipe
Image 2/7: High-Frequency vs. Low-Frequency ERW Pipe
Image 3/7: ERW Inside Casing
Image 4/7: Double Submerged Arc Welded (DSAW)
Image 5/7: Single Submerged Arc Welded (SSAW)
Image 7/7: Flash Welded
Image 3/7: ERW Inside Casing
Image 1/7: ERW Pipe

Axial MFL Optimizations

The combination of sensors onboard ENTEGRA UHR ILI tools makes it possible to see even the finest seams of ERW pipe. With our technology, detection of the long seam is not isolated to MFL sensors. Our robust array of sensor types, including internal (ID/OD) and caliper sensors, capture more comprehensive data around the seam.

Axial MFL Optimizations Diagram Axial MFL Optimizations Diagram
  • Higher Sampling Rate
  • Higher Density
  • Shorter/Lighter Tools
  • Better Sensor Stability
  • Higher Resolution
  • Fully Integrated with DA

Contextual Analysis

Seam weld position chart Seam weld position chart

Gathering a complete picture of the seam is only one part of the long seam assessment process with ENTEGRA. Data gathered by our tools is carefully evaluated by our experienced data analysts, distinguishing preferential or selective metal loss from coincidental or adjacent anomalies. Nuanced data interpretation is further contextualized with your operational criteria to help you prioritize any seam health threats.

The seam is one of the most critical areas of your pipeline. Seeing it and knowing what anomalies are present is essential. Contact us to learn more about seam weld assessment today.

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Key Performance Spec Chart Key Performance Spec Chart
Key Performance Spec for Anomalies Chart Key Performance Spec for Anomalies Chart