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Pipe Grade Classification

The analysis you need to achieve the best throughput possible.

Pipe Grade can be one of a pipeline’s most elusive attributes. With the variety of pipe materials, knowledge of pipeline composition is critical to understanding current and future integrity challenges. It’s also vital in context with the Mega Rule: not only compliance but also maximizing your throughput and ROI. ENTEGRA® ILI analysis can provide an assessment for both integrity and pipe grade classification in a single run, included with the standard ENTEGRA UHR tool fleet.

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Pipe Grade Classification intro image. Pipe Grade Classification intro image.
A Complete Materials Classifications Report

See what your pipeline is made of

See what your pipeline is made of

A pipeline can often read like a timeline. Original materials may be showing their age and every extension and replacement can introduce different variables, each with its own potential integrity challenges. ENTEGRA UHR MFL/CAL/IMU ILI technology is able to gather data for multiple points of pipe classification. In a single run, we can determine a pipeline’s diameter, thickness, pipe type and pipe grade, while also accurately detecting corrosion and other anomalies, down to pinhole size.

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Pipeline data must be considerations. Pipeline data must be considerations.

Our technology enables identification and classification of multiple material variables even within a single pipeline. Our experienced data analysis team then prepares a comprehensive report with detailed documentation of findings, as well as a comparison of the data with existing historical records, helping you to prioritize maintenance and truly know your pipeline.

Pipe Grade Classification is a priority in order to maximize throughput and prepare for future pipeline integrity challenges. Contact us to learn more about this essential service.

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