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Pipeline Threats

Unpiggable Lines

A tethered smart pig approach for the toughest of pipelines.

ENTEGRA® tethered ILI tools are designed for lines that are difficult to inspect, out of service or lacking in necessary launch/receive facilities. Our bi-directional tethered tools utilize the same advanced technology of our other UHR MFL/CAL/IMU tools to deliver performance, data resolution and insight that were previously not possible with tethered tools.

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Tethered MFL/CAL/IMU Innovations

Know your pipeline backwards and forwards

Know your pipeline backwards and forwards

UHR ILI from ENTEGRA utilizes double the number of magnetic flux leakage (MFL) and caliper (CAL) sensors, and double the sampling rate of competing ILI systems.

ENTEGRA bi-directional, UHR MFL ILI tools can be inserted at any convenient access point and propelled up to 3 miles (5 km) or more in either direction. Run speed is precisely controlled, and data is gathered both when the tool is deployed, and as the wireline pulls the ILI tool back. This comprehensive data set includes assessment of true pinholes, pits-in-pits, seamweld, and mechanical damage.

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As with all of our UHR ILI services, data gathered from our tethered tools is then assessed by real people – our experienced data analysts who deliver actionable insights back to your team.

For your toughest pipelines to inspect, you need extremely navigable tools, pulling the best data and backed by an ILI team that partners with you throughout the process.

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