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Pipeline Threats

Expert Data Analysis

Context and clarity for better pipeline decisions.

Data is a necessity in your operations. But data interpreted in meaningful ways is more than useful — it’s empowering. ENTEGRA® operations are deeply rooted in data science and engineering and led with experience by our dedicated Level III analysts. Our multi-tiered approach brings insights, knowledge and context to your data, to help you make practical decisions that optimize pipeline operations.

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Long Seam Assessment Overview Long Seam Assessment Overview
Technology Made for Better Analysis

At ENTEGRA, we understand that the ultimate product of every ILI run is data you can put to work in your operation. That’s why we designed our tools and systems to serve the needs of data analysis. Our advanced ILI tools maximize our ability to gather data. Our proprietary software processes that data in ways that help our Level III led teams of analysts zero in on meaningful insights more efficiently. Machine learning protocols help us continually improve the automated stage of our analytics. This allows our team members to devote their attention to anomalies with nuance and complexity where human analysis is invaluable.

The ENTEGRA multi-tiered analytics approach—from tools, to software, to human analysts—is always rigorous but never off-the-shelf. Our experience around the world helps us understand pipeline trends without losing sight of the fact that every pipeline is unique. We know a report is only useful when it’s actionable for your operations. Our process is designed to deliver information that helps operators mitigate risk and plan ahead. The result is greater understanding of the oil or gas pipeline for more confident decisions.

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Image 1/7: ERW Pipe
Image 2/7: High-Frequency vs. Low-Frequency ERW Pipe
Image 3/7: ERW Inside Casing
Image 4/7: Double Submerged Arc Welded (DSAW)
Image 5/7: Single Submerged Arc Welded (SSAW)
Image 7/7: Flash Welded
Image 3/7: ERW Inside Casing
Image 1/7: ERW Pipe

Essential ILI Analytics

Our primary analytical services include detailed assessment of the most common pipeline issues. With the True UHR system from ENTEGRA, these standard analyses are taken to new levels of precision and detail.

  • Pinholes: Characterizing anomalies as small as 3 mm x 3 mm.
  • Complex corrosion: Identifying and contextualizing areas where metal loss interacts with other pipeline features or anomalies; includes characterizing pits-in-pits (pinholes within areas of light metal loss).
  • Seam welds: Mapping location and assessing the health of seams and seam repairs in a variety of pipe types: SAW, DSAW and ERW.
  • Mechanical damage: Distinguishing damage involving corrosion from plain dents that may not pose a threat.
  • Hard spots: Accurate POD and POI of these anomalies that may require immediate action.
  • Inertial mapping: Precision measurements within +/- 1 meter for more efficient digs.


When significant issues are facing your pipeline, you can’t afford to wait months for a report to inform your next steps. In response to operator needs, ENTEGRA can deliver preliminary reports within days of a run, with comprehensive reports typically delivered in 90 days or less. Our industry-leading first-run success rate and software efficiencies help make these turnarounds possible without compromising analytical quality or detail.

Additional analysis services:

  • Pipe grade
  • Bend strain
  • Pipeline movement
  • Dent strain
  • [BF1] 
  • Growth rate
  • Welds

Better Clarity = Better Pipeline Decisions

Seam weld position chart Seam weld position chart

Your job is to know your pipeline. Our job is to help you do that in the most complete and accurate way possible. It takes an interlocking system of engineering, operations, and data analysis to create the context and clarity necessary for today’s oil and gas pipeline decision makers. An in-line inspection is only as valuable as the knowledge pipeline operators receive from it. This is why data analysis is integrated into everything we do at ENTEGRA.

Without starting with the highest resolution data possible, and without an experienced data analysis team in your corner, you don’t know as much as you could about your pipeline. Contact us to learn about True UHR data analysis services today.

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