Koty Bogle, President
Koty has been in the ILI business since 2006. His time as an emerging leader has been spent in operations working directly with Engineering, Field Operations and the ILI tools in a shop environment. He moved from the shop into Global Training Management and then Field Operations Management. Now as the Director of Operations, Bogle oversees a growing team of field technicians, who are committed to delivering excellence to the company’s customers. “Everybody wants to work together to help each other get to that end result, which is getting that final report out to the client safely and accurately,” he says.

Koty is married with two young children, and has recently relocated to the Indianapolis area with his family. He has an associate of science degree in electronic engineering from ITT Technical Institute Boise and a bachelor of science in business administration from Western Governors University. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, fishing with his son and tinkering with an old Chevy C-10 pick up he’s restoring.