Paul Pirner, Chief Technology Officer
Paul began his career in pipeline inspection in 1993. A Mechanical Engineer by trade, he was a Mechanical Engineering Supervisor working on a host of international projects prior to his co-founding of CPIG.

At CPIG, Paul was responsible for innovation and engineering development, a lead role he currently plays for us here at ENTEGRA®. A proven R&D team lead and responsible for the commercialization of no fewer than five different pipeline inspection tool technologies, Paul is excited to once again be on the cutting edge and introducing yet another evolutionary technology to the industry.

A graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto, Paul immigrated to Canada from the Czech Republic in 1985. He is the married father of young twins and his personal interests include tennis, motorcycle racing, Formula 1 car racing, and driving his M3 at local track days. So Paul is as at home talking cars as he is talking combo tools.